It's A New Year Now It's Time For A New Era

Introducing the new DFB Teamsters and our new Micro Supremes

 Introducing DFB Teamsters!  The Teamsters are an elite group of breeders who have proven themselves to be loyal, dedicated and focused on the goal of trademarking a new distinct look by combining different bloodlines to ultimately create a new superior breed! While all but shutting down our American bully breeding program to focus on this vision we were criticized and caught a lot of heat from other breeders. Luckily, we ignored all the negativity and hate and kept focused on the goal at hand. We were driven by the fact that we were being honest with ourselves and anyone who would ask questions concerning our formula. It took several generations to perfect the recipe and will never be reveled to anyone who hasn't put the blood, sweat and tears into the program alongside us. We apologize to everyone who has wanted to purchase one of these impressive dogs as they were previously not for sale. We are now proud to announce our dogs are for sale to the public as Supreme Bullies with registration carried through Global Canine Registry (GCR). We would like to give major thanks to Global Canine Registry (GCR)for allowing us to register our dogs for what they really are and stepping up for the whole bully community in its biggest time of need!